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ICAB Dynamics/Buckling

Modal Analysis of vibration and buckling

Dynamic modal analysis

The modal analysis allows the determination of the Eigen frequencies of vibration and the evaluation of the associated modal deformations.

analyse modale sur pylone


This analysis can be launched on a prestressed structure. grue_m4.gif (6518 bytes)


Generalized buckling

The analysis of elastic instabilities beam by beam according to rules' of construction (CM66, Eurocodes...) are not satisfactory to check the stability of complex assemblies. Generalized buckling allows to the determination of the coefficients of performance critical of the loadings (safety margin before the failure) and buckling eigen modes.

Non-linear analysis for large displacements


The loadings which create great displacements and/or rotations are the incremental analysis object with reactualization of the geometry.



Application ICAB Dynamics/Buckling is a whole of functionalities which are added to software ICAB Force.

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