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ICAB Force  
ICAB the calculation of the metal structures and frames  
Climatic ICAB loads snow/wind  
ICAB para-seismic PS calculation  
ICAB dynamic calculation/generalized buckling  
ICAB Surface - Shell finite element  
ICAB Assemblies - connection  


Software ICAB

Software ICAB is based on an initial version ICAB Force. Additional modules come to supplement this version.

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Icab Force
Heart of software ICAB of structural analysis

This version is available in Initiation version , suited to calculate structures up to 150 entities (an entity corresponds to a node or an element).
The professional version can calculate structures of unlimited size (up to of the resources of the computer).
With the version Evolution , the user can choose an intermediate version (typically 2000 entities).
With the version Education , the user familiarizes himself with calculations of resistance of materials and the finite element method.

Icab CM, CM+

Analyze steel constructions and frames drink, automatic optimization
Icab Library/CM
Library of materials (steel, aluminum, wood, concrete), standardized AFNOR and common profiles.
  Icab NV
Automatic generation of the climatic loadings of snow and wind.
Icab PS
Generation of the seismic loads.
Icab Dyn
Modes of generalized bucklings and analyzes modal dynamics with or without prestress. Non-linear static analyses for large displacements.
  Icab Surf
Extensions for shells
  Composite Icab
Composite extensions materials
  Icab Assemblies
Design and checks of the assemblies in steel construction

In addition, other digital simulations are possible thanks to the special developments .



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