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Icab PS - seismic calculation

Automatic generation of the seismic loads

ICAB PS automatically generates the seismic loads on structures modelled with ICAB Force.

Rules PS92

PS92 zonage France métropole
Zone of seismicity
III Strong
II Average
Ib Weak
Ia Very weak but
0 Negligible
but nonnull
Mayotte, Futuna lb weak
Wallis very weak
Reunion, Guyana 0 negligible
St Pierre and Miquelon 0 negligible
Nlle Calédonie 0 negligible

Guadeloupe, Martinique



PS92 zonage outre-mer

The checks are established according to rules' PS92 according to the seismic zone, the class of the work, the type of ground, the coefficient of behavior Q, the topological coefficient Tau, the damping ratio.

The method of burden-sharing is established for the regular buildings according to method PS92 6.6122 corresponds with side stabilities by gantries either by veils or sheet pilings triangulated. Alternative method PS92 6.6136 is also available for the low height buildings.

 The seismic loads may also be calculated according to the section 1630 of the UBC1997 (Uniform Building Codes).


Application ICAB PS is a whole of functionalities which are added to software ICAB Force.


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