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ICAB Surfaces

Composite Icab

Calculation for finite element shells

 silo Applications ICAB Surface extend the functionalities of software ICAB Force. Whereas software ICAB Force is specialized in the analysis of primarily formed structures of beams, ICAB Surface introduced the finite elements shells.

. Finite elements triangular or quadrangular "plate" and "shell" of type "thick shell".

. materials isotropic, orthotropic,

. Automatic mesh:generation of shells associated combined with beams

maillage mixte coque/poutre


. Concentrated forces and moments
. Displacement imposed in translation or rotation
. Pressure
. Linear forces
. Gravitational field, centrifugal force
. Thermal strain

Automatic generation on the grid with parameter setting according to the point of application of the load.

contraintes sur coques


Composite Icab

The option composites makes it possible to calculate structures including r sandwich shells defined by the
. choice of the number of layers
. thickness and material of each fold
. orientation of each fold


Applications ICAB Surfaces and ICAB Composite are a whole of functionalities which are added to software ICAB Force.

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